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We Strive to Offer the Best Kitchen Remodeling Products and Services in Massachusetts

The Bay State Kitchen & Bath Team

Meet The Bay State Kitchen & Bath Team!

Many people tell you to trust them. Here at Bay State Kitchen & Bath, we’re committed to earning your trust.

We’ve established a sterling reputation with our fast service and friendly, talented kitchen remodeling team. We take pride in our commitment to customer satisfaction, placing focus on respecting your homes and exceeding your expectations.

Jennifer Bylo, Owner of Bay State Kitchen & Bath

Bay State Kitchen & Bath's President, Jennifer Bylo, started out as a registered nurse before turning into a licensed construction supervisor. Her background has deepened her understanding of compassion and care, and she's infused these values into everything the company does.

These values are exemplified by providing our Massachusetts customers with some of the world’s finest kitchen remodeling, interior doors or closet solutions from top-notch manufacturers.

Whether you choose us or not, remember that it’s important to make sure your kitchen remodeler is properly licensed, experienced and trustworthy. Rest assured that Bay State Kitchen & Bath is all three, and is focused on providing quality, long-term solutions for all your kitchen repair and renovation needs.

Committed to Being the Best Kitchen Remodelers in Massachusetts

locallyownedOur mission at Bay State Kitchen & Bath is to service the kitchen remodeling needs of our customers with compassion by using a unique “care giving” style and solution-oriented approach. We always strive to earn and maintain trust in our kitchen remodeling products, remodeling skills, and our commitment to caring for each customer’s unique remodeling needs.

Bay State Kitchen & Bath’s unique “Philosophy of Contracting” is the brainchild of owner, Jennifer Bylo, who manages her business in the same way she managed the care of patients during her 19 years as a Critical Care Nurse. Jennifer attributes her successful business model to her rewarding career as an RN. As our testimonials indicate, Jennifer’s background and dedication to excellence in everything she does has led to an outstanding kitchen remodeling experience for each one of her customers.

Committed to You

At Bay State Kitchen & Bath, it’s all about satisfying YOU, and gaining your trust. On the rare occasion when a customer isn’t 100 percent satisfied with the end result of their kitchen renovation, we haven’t done our job and will make sure the issue is quickly resolved.

We enjoy hearing about our customers’ experiences working with us, and are always looking for new ways we can better serve you. If you have a question, comment, suggestion or happy thought, don’t hesitate to let us know about it!

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