Bathtub Liners in Massachusetts

Does Your Bathroom Need a Makeover, Fast? Remodel and Renew Your Bathroom with a New Bathtub Liner!

bathlinersBathtub liners are popular options for many modern bathroom makeovers, because of their durability and affordability. Bathtub liners are essentially a new "skin" for your bathtub.

Rather than doing a complete demo and replacing your existing bathtub or shower, nothing is actually removed. They're installed over your current tub or shower. The bottom line is that installing a tub liner will add years of life to your existing tub at a fraction of the cost of full-scale replacement, and in a fraction of the time! It's a win-win!

At Bay State Kitchen & Bath, we're experts at liner installation. In fact, we have a whole service dedicated to a quick, effective, and attractive bathroom renovation. It's so fast that we guarantee it'll be done in One Day!

Choose From a Variety of Bathtub Liners

When it comes to our bathtub liners, we offer a variety of designer colors and apron fronts to match any bathroom decor.

Top 5 Ways Bay State Kitchen & Bath Stands Out from Other Bathroom Remodeling Companies

  • Our One Day Bath Guarantee: At Bay State Kitchen & Bath in MA, we create beautiful baths In Just One Day® for 8,000+ customers and counting since 2003! Our exclusive One Day Bath comes with a lifetime product warranty, 5 Year workmanship guarantee, and 1 Day completion guarantee.
  • Our 5 Day Total Bath Transformation Guarantee: At Bay State Kitchen & Bath in MA, we deliver a total bath transformation in 5 days or less GUARANTEED! Our exclusive 5 Day Total Bath Transformation comes with a lifetime product warranty, 5 year workmanship guarantee, and 5 day completion guarantee.
  • An Experienced Team: We have a well established company with a low turnover on the install team. In order to ensure scheduling and consistency in services, all of our installers are staff. We also have reliable plumbing and electrical support that we sub-contract through reputable companies.
  • Commitment to Reasonable Prices: We strive to give you outstanding products and services at prices you can afford. This means we'll work with you and your budget to make sure you get what you need for a price you'll love!
  • Worksite Cleanliness: We have high work-site cleanliness standards, and we make sure each job site is scrubbed to your standards.
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