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Aging in Place in MassachusettsGetting older or living with a disability doesn't necessarily mean you need to move out of your home. At Bay State Kitchen & Bath, we know exactly how to update your bathroom to increase safety and comfort.

We're proud to be able to offer this concept as a regular part of its design process. In fact, Owner Jennifer Bylo's background in nursing provides a unique perspective on aging in place. She's one of the few contractors in the country with the training to truly understand the needs of the elderly and disabled.

The concept of “Aging in Place” is not just for older homeowners or those with ambulatory issues. It is equally appropriate for all age groups and is usually introduced during most design phases in subtle ways. Making a new master bedroom or bathroom door just a little wider if the space permits is very economical and can simply be a nicer more comfortable way to move through a home, regardless of the owner’s age or health.

Many of the suggested design elements which are helpful to older owners or owners who have mobility issues are also very comforting to any age, like better lighting, more open floor plans with larger spaces in bathrooms, hallways and other areas involving reach. These concepts are easily adapted to a remodeling project and simply make great designs.

Make a Bathroom Safer for an Elderly Loved One

The bathroom can be the most dangerous area of the home, especially for the elderly or anyone with limited mobility. You can make your bathroom a much safer place by implementing the following suggestions:

  1. Easy Access. Make sure your loved one has a safe and easy access to the bathroom. Remove anything along walkways that may cause them to trip and make sure there is enough room for walkers and wheelchair access.
  2. Lighting. Illuminate the way to the bathroom with a nightlight for when they need to use the bathroom during the night. Also, understand that older eyes need special lighting, so make sure that the bathroom has even lighting, as opposed to direct glare lighting.
  3. Avoid Slipping. Use non-slip mats around wet areas to prevent bathroom falls.
  4. Grab Bars. Towel bars are so unsafe! They are simply not designed to support people. To ensure safety, you can have professionally installed grab bars on the side wall of a bathroom tub, shower and toilet.
  5. Walk-In Tubs. Walk-in tubs are specially designed to help people with mobility issues. Purchase a walk-in tub which will help prevent users from falling and enable them to safely and independently move in and out of the tub.
  6. Walk-In Showers. Barrier-free walk-in showers provide the easiest, most comfortable bathing access for the elderly and disabled.
  7. Handicap Toilets. Toilets can be especially difficult to navigate with injuries and disabilities. We have handicap toilet options that are in compliance with ADA requirements and will make bathroom time much less of a challenge.
  8. Hand-Held Shower Devices. These bathroom devices make it much easier to shower from the seated position.
  9. Shower Seats. Seats of different sizes can help you relax while bathing. Plus, they increase safety and independence.

Top 5 Ways Bay State Kitchen & Bath Stands Out from Other Bathroom Remodeling Companies

  • Our One Day Bath Guarantee: At Bay State Kitchen & Bath in MA, we create beautiful baths In Just One Day® for 8,000+ customers and counting since 2003! Our exclusive One Day Bath comes with a lifetime product warranty, 5 Year workmanship guarantee, and 1 Day completion guarantee.
  • Our 5 Day Total Bath Transformation Guarantee: At Bay State Kitchen & Bath in MA, we deliver a total bath transformation in 5 days or less GUARANTEED! Our exclusive 5 Day Total Bath Transformation comes with a lifetime product warranty, 5 year workmanship guarantee, and 5 day completion guarantee.
  • An Experienced Team: We have a well established company with a low turnover on the install team. In order to ensure scheduling and consistency in services, all of our installers are staff. We also have reliable plumbing and electrical support that we sub-contract through reputable companies.
  • Commitment to Reasonable Prices: We strive to give you outstanding products and services at prices you can afford. This means we'll work with you and your budget to make sure you get what you need for a price you'll love!
  • Understanding Your Needs: Owner Jennifer Bylo's former career in nursing makes her and her team the perfect partners for an aging in place renovation. She's seen the needs of elders and people with disabilities 1st hand, and she'll go out of her way to make sure those needs are met.
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