Cool Features for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

A bathroom remodeling project may range from a simple update to the surface features of the space to a full gutting and renovation of every conceivable feature. Manufacturers, inventors, interior decorators, and bathroom renovators have created all sorts of convenient and luxurious amenities for modern bathrooms, and checking out a few of these features is [...]

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Smart Bathroom Remodeling: Create an Easy to Clean Bathroom

An easy to clean bathroom is one where you can spend time utilizing the space for what it was meant for and where you don't have to spend hours each month cleaning and maintaining your brand new bathroom. Here are some areas of bathroom remodeling where your choices can make it easier to clean your [...]

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Prevent Mold and Mildew in Bathroom Tile Grout

Mold and mildew in bathroom tile grout and flooring can be a major issue. Mold and mildew require certain conditions in which to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, many areas of the bathroom, particularly grout, provide ideal breeding grounds for these organisms.
Popular Bathroom Flooring Options
When you choose a bathroom flooring you want to keep ease of [...]

Upgrading Vanity Plumbing: Why Now?

A Massachusetts bathroom remodeling project is a great time for updating vanity plumbing and shower plumbing. Why wait, make sure your plumbing is ready to go the distance!

Planning the Layout of Your New Bathroom

A brand new bathroom or a bathroom with an updated floor plan is a terrific addition to any home, particularly when the new space offers extra room for getting ready in the morning or offers an ergonomic layout.

Each family or homeowner who plans a complete bathroom renovation and layout change will need to consider a [...]

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Why Bathroom Ventilation is Imperative

An exhaust fan in your bathroom that functions well protects your home in more ways than one, and your remodel should include attention paid to bathroom ventilation. Bathroom venting is necessary for all bathrooms whether the remodeling price tag is in the budget range or the luxury range.
Bathroom Exhaust Fan Basics
The answer to the question: [...]

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Creating a Beautiful Mobility-Friendly Bathroom

A bathroom with mobility features like a walk-in tub, non-slip floor, and hand rails might make you think of a hospital room in antiseptic white and gray. However, installing aging-in-place features in your bathroom doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be looking at a bathroom that resembles a medical center for the next twenty years.

You [...]

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Finding the Balance of a Beautiful and Functional Bathroom

When you renovate your bathroom, you'll probably read about all sorts of advanced features, beautiful hardware, and modern gadgetry, but it's easy to get carried away with the look of the space without considering whether your "cool" décor will serve an actual purpose in the bathroom.

If you're dealing with a small bathroom, it's even more [...]

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Jump Into the Season with a Spring Bathroom Remodel

Your bathroom is one of the most used – if not the most used – rooms in your home. As a room that's essential to your family's comfort and enjoyment in your home, remodeling the space is an excellent way to make every day just a little better. If you've been living with an old, [...]

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Bathroom Fixtures, Faucets, & Features for Your Remodel

Choosing the right bathroom fixtures, faucets, and other small features is an important part of your bathroom remodeling project whether you're looking at a total bathroom transformation or a modest upgrade for your space.

Today's faucets and fixtures are much more dynamic than their predecessors. Your sink faucet isn't just a few knobs and a metal [...]

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